Online Income Revolution

How My Little ‘Hobby’ Online Business
Grew to a $120,560.91 / Month ‘Behemoth’
in the Home Business Industry ...
... And Took Me from Welfare to
in 4 Years Using
12 Different Online Income Revolutions ...

Matt Lloyd, one of internet marketing’s fastest success stories, finally reveals
what he did to go from government financial assistance to making
hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

Matt LloydDear Friend,

Did you know I was on welfare at one point?

I really don’t talk about it much, but I realized it was time I spoke up.

It was a dark period for me when I realized that the food on my plate was coming from tax money and that I really was depending on other people for my survival.

I didn’t like it.

The “free money” (which wasn’t much) took care of my rent and food, but it wasn’t enough to do anything I liked. Even getting more than the standard bar tab was a stretch. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

Worst of all? It gave me excuses to not get what I really wanted out of life. I had flirted with the idea of having my own online business from time to time, but there was always a reason not to do it.

These are some of the things that were going through my head at the time:

“I can’t start my own business, I don’t have enough money!”

“It takes money to make money.”

“I should get a higher paying job (or any job) and then maybe down the road, when things are easier, I can invest in my own business.”

If anyone had a reason to put off building an online business, it was me. I had no skills to speak of, was barely educated, and had no job experience at all.

I had other friends who felt the same way and were going through something similar:

  • Having jobs they felt tied to, even though they hated them
  • Feeling like they were letting down their family by not having enough money to take care of them properly
  • Trying internet marketing for years without any real progress

What I realized was that there was no end in sight for me. I was either going to stay on welfare or get a job that I didn’t like and stay with it for decades.

Then the economy fell and even my friends who liked their jobs were struggling. It got very hard for everyone.

So I got to work.

I didn’t get a job, even though anyone in their right mind would have told me to do so. I stopped my government checks and started working on my online business at the same time. I was ready to burn all the bridges holding me back and push forward with my business.

And to be honest, I flat out stumbled around for 3 years.  It was feast or famine, with many things going absolutely wrong in every area of my life.

At some point, it was either “Figure this out or quit,” and I had to really do some soul searching.

I discovered that there were really only twelve points of my business that I needed to have handled in order for my business to succeed. From then on, I concentrated on these 12 steps and nothing else.

After 3 Years Of Stumbling,
Realization Of The 12 Steps
Made Me A 
Million Dollars In One Year

All that stumbling around wasn’t for nothing. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was slowly and painfully putting together a straightforward plan for how anyone can build wealth with an online business, no matter where they’re starting from.

If You Use These 12 Steps …

  • You don't need a list yet.
  • You don’t need to know anything about traffic (In fact, it might be better if you don’t.)
  • You don’t need any technical ability or education.

And ...

  • It’s OK (or even better) if you’ve failed numerous times at internet marketing.

The beauty of these 12 steps … or what I call the 12 Income Revolutions, is that they’re very straightforward and easy to apply.

They’ll work today, tomorrow, and years from now, as long as the internet is still working.

It doesn’t depend on Google or Facebook, or any provider.

In fact, you could be banned and blacklisted from Google (both organic search and AdWords), Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing, and still make a killing with the 12 Income Revolutions.

Now even though I had used these 12 points to become a millionaire, it took me some time to specifically nail down what had changed over that past year.

A lot of this had become “unconscious competence,” and it took many months of coaching others for me to really hammer out the blueprint for how to make regular, massive income online.

At that point, I had the process so much down to a science that I made my 2nd million dollars in only 4 months afterwards.

And now I am about to share it with you.

To be honest, this isn’t easy for me.

After all, a lot of my income has come from one-on-one coaching, and I had to come to grips that once I once I let this system out of the bag, you might not need me anymore. I mean, this system is as complete as it gets so I had to accept that there was a big chance that anyone who learned the 12 Revolutions would no longer need my coaching.

But I decided that it would be unfair for me to hold this back from the rest of the world, especially since I had been so lucky to discover this at a young age.

So here is what you get …

Introducing Online Income Revolution:
The Exact System I Used To Rise To
Multi-Millionaire & Create 6-Figure
Success Stories In My Students

Sometime after my second million dollars, I partnered up with Daegan Smith, one of the most respected authorities on the internet on how to build and multiply an online business. He regularly charges thousands for a couple hours of his time and no one blinks at the price. He’s just that good.

At one point over coffee, Daegan said to me, “Matt, you’re doing exactly what I did to build my online business but you managed to figure it out 5 times faster than I did.”

It was that moment of recognition when you meet someone “in the club” and realize you’ve gone through the exact same journey, with all the challenges, pitfalls, and final rewards.

Once I knew we were on the same page, we put our heads together and agreed to create the Online Income Revolution event … where a tiny group of people got to hear the 12 Income Revolutions and each create a plan for themselves on how they would apply it to achieve the lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

The event lasted 3 days in San Diego and was one of the greatest meetings of online marketing in history.

I revealed my 12 Online Income Revolution secrets and watched as each student wrote their notes in a flurry, not wanting to miss a single word.

Daegan Smith gave away his entire method. This is a guy who is the absolute master at turning traffic into pure gold and he gave secrets away that he normally only gives to clients paying thousands and thousands of dollars.

After the program, I heard every rave review from “Life-changing,” to “Unbelievable! The best event ever!”

But the main theme I’d heard from people who had attended was “Wow, I have a lot of work to do, but I know exactly where to start!”

After this course, you’ll always know what to do next because the steps to making a full-time luxurious income are absolutely laid out for you in a step-by-step formula.

WARNING! Do Not Spend Your Profits
After Starting This Program

I have to put this warning both in the program and on the order page because I’ve seen this mistake happen more than you would believe.

What happens is students will start making money … good money … wayyyyy faster than they expected, and that’s when the ideas pop in their head:

  • “Maybe it’s time to take this vacation.”
  • “I think it’s time to trade in that Toyota for a BMW! And I want to upgrade my apartment!”
  • “Well, now that the cash is coming in, I think I can relax and buy that home entertainment system I’ve been eyeing ...”

The ONLY thing I give you permission to do after implementing the first three Income Revolution sections is to quit your job so you can spend more time implementing the rest of the program.

Believe me, I’ve seen even some of the big gurus make that quick money and then blow it all. They end up even worse than they started because they didn’t follow through with the rest of what their business needed.

How You Can Learn All 12
Income Revolutions Even Better
Than The People At The Event

Remember when I said “everyone at the event was taking a flurry of notes, not wanting to miss a single word?” 

Well you don’t have to go through that yourself because I am going to give you the chance to have the entire event at your fingertips in video form.

You can pause the video, take notes at your own pace, rewind, and go over whatever you need to as you implement these tools and concepts into your business.

This is what’s going to take your online business to super-stardom … your ability to continually come back to each Income Revolution session and make sure every key piece of your business is working to bring you the cash that will fund whatever lifestyle you’re aiming at.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn
Through Online Income Revolution

icon-number-1 Your Million Dollar Offer

  • How I achieved in a few years what other online internet entrepreneurs, including Frank Kern, Eben Pagan, and Rich Schefren took several more to achieve.  (All of these guys are legends that I have learned massive amounts from, but none of them achieved wealth in under 4 years or at age 25.)
  • How I took the leap from ending my welfare payouts to a full-time internet business without getting a job in between. (You’ll see why you have to stop letting other people take care of you before you make your money.)
  • What your customer really does for you and how misunderstanding this concept is what causes most online businesses to give up 90% of their income from Day 1.
  • Your Entire Roadmap for a Million Dollar Business. There will be surprises along the way, but just stick to this formula and you can’t fail.
  • My method for constructing offers that are almost impossible to say “no” to, and how you can do the same.
  • Online Marketing’s Best Kept Secret: the “Webinar Sales Process,” and how you can do this with zero technical ability and a tiny budget.
  • Word-for-Word templates on what to say on your webinar so people line up to buy.
  • The Myth of “Moving the Free Line”: Why you need to charge high prices for your best information and not give away the store.

icon-number-2 One-On-One Sales Made Super-Easy

  • What to do if you’re absolutely terrified of selling one-on-one to prospects.
  • Why avoiding person to person contact will almost guarantee your business never exceeds the “small potatoes” level.
  • How to get hundreds of dollars with a few minutes of your time using Facebook Chat and without getting on the phone.
  • Full Transcript of me closing a $397 deal within 2 minutes using Facebook Chat.
  • How to regularly sell programs of $2,000 or more over the phone.
  • What to do if your prospect is getting distracted during your sales pitch. (Barking dogs, screaming kids, and nosy spouses will murder your chances of closing if you don’t handle this.)
  • 3 ways to create a tormenting strain of urgency in your prospect so he has to sign up for your high-ticket program.

icon-number-3 Paid Traffic Gets You PAID (If you do it my way.)

  • Why “free traffic” is a myth made up by broke entrepreneurs and SEO agencies. (You are always paying for “free” traffic and not just with your time!)
  • What to do if you are so strapped for cash you can’t afford to pay for any traffic. (I get this question all the time and there’s always a solution.)
  • My 3-step process for getting ridiculously steep discounts on paid traffic. (You should definitely pay for ads, but most people pay too much!)
  • How to absolutely dominate your niche like a professional poker player with all the chips. (This is one of two ways I show you on how to get a ridiculously unfair advantage in the marketing game.)
  • What to do if big companies are out-bidding you on ads. (You can reverse this so they bleed money while you make more then their CEO’s.)
  • Copywriting Legend Gary Halbert’s breakdown on what components are needed for your campaign to be a success (Hint: your sales presentation is only 25%!)
  • Gary Halbert’s secret on how to get the best rates for your ads.
  • What to do if you’ve been paying an “overpriced” retail rate on ads and feel it’s too late to negotiate a better deal.
  • How to use direct mail for your internet marketing business and crush your competitors. (They’re way too scared to do direct mail because they don’t know the secret I’ll share with you.)
  • How I target Facebook Ads so ONLY my ideal customer (someone who buys a lot and someone I like working with) clicks my ads.
  • The real deal with banner ads. (Customers are not “banner blind” and if you ignore this amazing traffic source you might as well give up your dreams of being a millionaire.)

icon-number-4 Your Affiliate Army Of Prosperity

  • The ONE exception to “there’s no free traffic” (affiliates) and how to make this your most profitable source of sales.
  • How to leverage your affiliates to test out new landing pages so you can use the best converting sales page before paying for traffic. (Your affiliates will gladly agree to this process if you do what I say.)
  • The answer of whether to auto-accept everyone in your affiliate program or do it on an application basis. (DO NOT put your offer on ClickBank before watching this segment.)
  • The three ways to get affiliates excited to promote for you and send you their highest-paying customers.
  • The one thing super-affiliates crave more than money. (Give this to them and they barely care about commissions anymore!)
  • How to deal with over-protective affiliates who guard their list with their life.
  • What to do when your affiliates try to buy your products through their own links.
  • How to get affiliates from your own list to promote for you. (REAL Word-for-Word examples of what to say.)
  • The worst affiliate commission killer (Refund-Rates) and how to make sure your affiliates like you even when things go bad.
  • How to set up a contest so your top affiliates work day and night to promote you to their list.
  • Copy and Paste Emails to get your affiliates inspired and passionate about selling your product. (Seriously, just copy and send … you have my permission.)

icon-number-5 Licensing Partners Who Pay You Thousands To Sell For You

  • Why all members of Online Income Revolution are forbidden to share this technique. (I do not want this one getting out so you must agree to keep this quiet before buying.)
  • How to take the concept of “PLR” (outdated and ineffective) and turn it into the most profitable segment of your business.
  • 4 ways to sell a $2,000-$5,000 licensing program that will work even if you have a minuscule budget. (You need nothing now and I’ll show you how to create this from scratch.)
  • How I got $40,000 from one testimonial for my licensing program and how you can do the same. (Hint: It’s catching the customer at the EXACT right time…earlier than you think!)
  • The secret (and surprisingly legal) tactic of borrowing someone else’s high-end info-product and keeping all the money instead of collecting affiliate commissions.

icon-number-6 Selling $4,000+ Programs On The Phone

  • How to use Skype or your cell phone to immediately double your income from your business.
  • What to do if you’re “shy” or hate selling.
  • How to make your sales pitch invisible so it looks like you’re having a normal conversation.
  • The real reason why prospects flake on sales calls and how to eliminate cancellations altogether.
  • 5 questions to ask yourself before making that first call that will instantly triple your closing rate.
  • My exact phone script that has brought me over $250,000. (You can totally steal this and start making money tonight if you’re ready.)
  • Don’t like making sales calls?  I’ll show you how to build a sales team that only gets paid when they make you money first.  (This is how you leverage the best sales performers without needing to pay them a dime out of pocket.)
  • How to “flip the script” so prospects chase you to get on the phone and hear your sales pitch.

icon-number-7 High-Ticket Offers To Make The Real Money

  • Why selling products for $47, $97, and $397 is completely unsustainable these days. (And how you can have a lot more fun selling products at $2,000 and above.)
  • Why you’re almost certainly underestimating how much a customer is willing to spend with you and how to figure out the maximum your customers will pay you.
  • When to make a back end version of your product (The timing is very, very important.)
  • How your sales pitch almost completely changes at the multi-thousand dollar mark.  (If you miss this, you can ruin both your high-end and low-end sales.)
  • The techniques for tapping into your prospect’s emotions so they must buy your product at any cost.

icon-number-8 Your Personal Productivity & Wealth Programming

  • What your #1 goal for your business should be. (This will guide you to always make the right decision … and the most money.)
  • Why “wanting to help people” is the absolute worst goal you can have for your business (and results in you helping nobody.)
  • The secret to solving absolutely any issue in your business. (This one-word-solution will save your business even in the hardest times.)
  • How to avoid the ups and downs in income when you run an online business. (The Feast-or-Famine experience is completely avoidable if you adopt this one daily habit.)
  • The key to handling an overwhelming amount of tasks on your plate and getting it all done without any stress.
  • How to annihilate procrastination from your day and have better self-esteem from your productivity.
  • Why you need to put your own needs before the customers. (I’m going to get a lot of flack for this section but the entrepreneurs who follow my advice are a lot happier and richer.)
  • The email backlog: How to deal with massive amounts of business-related email. (This will suck up all of your time if you don’t handle this before it gets intense.)
  • My time-tested strategy inspired by Dan Kennedy to make sure you always have customers in the queue. (Works especially well for service-oriented businesses!)
  • What to do once cash starts coming in. (This is a crucial time for you to plan and budget carefully.)
  • The #1 personal quality money is attracted to and how you can activate it right now.
  • The secret to getting laser-focused at work so your productivity triples.
  • How to structure your internet marketing schedule so you get a lot done and still have enough time to enjoy your life.
  • My Habit-Transformation Formula that gets you success in every area of your life (Works for not just business but also losing weight, getting muscle, improving relationships, and being attractive.)
  • Should you quit your job or drop out of school before you’re “ready?” (I know this first hand because I did leave school for my business, so my answer may surprise you.)
  • How to develop unshakable faith in your business with the Excuse Buster.

icon-number-9 Outsourcing & Team Creation

  • How to know when it’s the right time for you to expand and hire people. (Do this too soon or too late and you’re dead.)
  • Why so many entrepreneurs hire “just to hire” and it kills their profits.
  • How to set a true dollar value on your time that makes everyone you deal with respect you.
  • What to do if you’re so strapped financially that it feels like you can’t outsource the tasks you need to.
  • Full Case Studies with examples on how I built my teams in customer service and phone sales.
  • How to protect yourself when you feel nervous about giving your passwords to international contractors.
  • The exact terms you need to set with new contractors so they get the job done excellently and as quickly as possible.

icon-number-10 Marketing Co-ops To Get The Cheapest Traffic & Highest Profits

  • How to save up to 70% of your traffic expenses by joining up with other entrepreneurs for bulk deals.
  • The Mob-Style tactic of making yourself the ring leader so you save the most out of everybody.
  • Secrets of negotiating incredible rates when buying bulk traffic deals. (You can easily cut down 20-40% of your costs by saying the right words I’ll share with you.)

icon-number-11 Aggressive Upsells To Triple Your Average Customer Order

  • How to sell to the top 1% of your market who will buy virtually anything you sell and pay just about any price for it.
  • What to do if you know your customers will buy more but you don’t have a full product line to sell to them.
  • A revealing case study of how a customer will pay up to $4,429 for your products after just six days on your list!
  • Stupid-easy technology for One-Click-Upsells. (This lets a customer buy one product after another without having to re-enter their credit card information … incredible for making more money per customer.)
  • How to make a customer feel completely ridiculous if they don’t buy your higher-end product as an upsell. (When you word things this way, it’s harder for them not to pay you more.)
  • The one spot on your site to put testimonials that will forever change your conversion rate for upsells.

icon-number-12 Scale To The Million-Dollar Level With Systems & Automation

  • How to systematize your business so you can grow five to a hundred times the amount of revenue and customers you have.
  • The trick to automating the “un-automatable”… Chances are you doing a lot of repeated work from scratch you could easily take off your hands.
  • Learn how to find the “bottlenecks” in your business that are holding you back from the massive wealth you and your business deserve.
  • My methods for documenting processes so even brand-new employees or contractors can keep your money flowing in day and night.
  • How to choose between employing great people or great technology for your business. (I’m not going to win any humanitarian awards for this one.)

Now I’m going to pass this on to Daegan because his section of Online Income Revolution is some of the most incredible live internet marketing instruction I have ever witnessed.

Pay very close attention my friends …

Hi, I’m Daegan Smith.

In my section, I am going to give you the detailed specifics you need to take every piece of information Matt gives you and apply it to your business right away.

This includes the tactics and techniques I’ve only given to my coaching clients who pay a minimum of $2,500 to even speak to me.

Here I’ll share with you the secrets that can help you skip much of the “trial and error” most businesses have and get you straight to steady cash flow and high gains you’ve been looking for:

Lead Generation Secrets that Never Fail

  • My system for keeping your business perpetually packed with leads so you always have a hungry list to sell to.
  • The one lead-capture page I spy on the most to develop my own lead-generation techniques.
  • The truth about whether to let your prospects skip your squeeze page or force them to opt in before reaching your home page. The answer is not what you expect.
  • The dangers of collecting names with email addresses … and whether it’s really worth it …
  • The first thing I tell all my $2,500 clients who want to capture leads. (They’ll be pissed I’m sharing this secret info with you.)

The Ultimate Sales Funnel

  • My A to Z Formula that takes my clients from no traffic and zero sales to pulling in tens of thousands of dollars a month shockingly fast.
  • Why getting traffic is the absolute easiest thing you’ll ever do once you have my Invisible Sales Funnel in place.
  • The secret to targeting the best customers that constantly buy from younever refund, and promote you to all their friends like it’s their religious mission.
  • How to find out who your best customer is … and what he wants. (Once you have this dialed in, selling to them is sooo easy.)
  • See with your own eyes what a highly successful sales funnel actually looks like. I bet you’ve never actually seen the exact sequence of a million dollar sales funnel from the back end.
  • How to avoid nasty customer issues like charge backs and bad reviews. (One ounce of prevention is worth a hundred pounds of cure on this one!)
  • Solve Shopping-Cart Abandonment forever! What to do if you’re losing customers on your order form. (The answer is shockingly simple and will forever change the way you process orders.)
  • Secrets of the Invisible Funnel … where the prospect never knows he’s being sold to and feels strangely compelled to buy from you.
  • What I did to make my first $12,000 week. (I did this when I was new, and I will show you how to do the same thing.)
  • How to create up sell products out of thin air.(You’ll have no excuse to not have a back-end after you see this.)

Crafting a Product Offer No One Can Resist

  • Creating products that sell themselves! (You can get away with basic, average, and even boring sales copy if your offer is designed like I tell you.)
  • My secret stash of techniques for taking a vague idea and turning it into a compelling product that no one can say no to.
  • My philosophy for finding leverage in every business activity so every dollar I spend brings me more wealth in return.
  • The 3 things you must have to make your offer marketable to your list. (Two of these items need to be completed before you even know what your offer is!)
  • How to genuinely fall in love with your offer so you sell it with pure honesty and passion.
  • My secret method for making a marketing campaign risk free by checking out what’s converting in advance and making something even better.
  • How to multiply the perceived value of your product by 8 times so your price seems like a slam dunk! (It’s easy when you do it my way.)
  • How to make your offer’s “big promise” so believable that your customer will brag to all his friends what a deal he got from you.
  • My 5-step Research Process to guarantee you create the absolute best offer available. (All you need is a ClickBank account, an Excel spreadsheet, and a highlighter.)
  • How making your product just 5% better than your competitor can steal 40% of his new customers.
  • The best and easiest way to find out what your list is willing to pay you thousands for (People who do this with surveys get the wrong information and I’ll show you how to do it right.)
  • How to hit the gas pedal on product creation so you have an audio or video course done in a weekend.
  • The key to adding irresistible bonuses that make even your most paranoid customers jump to buy from you.
  • The perfect price that your front-end product needs for you to be profitable (It has to be within $50 of this number or you’re in big trouble!)
  • How to add scarcity so every customer who views your sales page feels like this is a “now or never” opportunity. (This can add 30% to your conversion rate overnight.)
  • The 4 Types of Buyers, what they want, and how to position your product so you attract all of them.
  • How to make your prospect feel crushingly guilty if he tries to leave your page before buying. (This trick is a little controversial, but if you’re ok with the ethics, it’ll skyrocket your sales.)
  • A special meditation for discovering the info-product niche that will give you the most personal fulfillment, happiness, and success for your career.

Split-Testing Tactics to Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates

  • The absolute first thing you must split test on any page. (It’s not your headline!)
  • How to develop an intuitive feel for testing so you almost psychically know which version will perform best.
  • My million-dollar Split Test Cheat-Sheet that tells you exactly what to test and in what order. (Two of the top three on the list almost never get tested … even by the gurus!)
  • Are VeriSign and Security Check images helpful or hurtful to your sales page? Find out here.
  • 7 ways to make it scientifically impossible for your landing page to fail.
  • How several of my students are getting 66% and 74% conversion rates on their lead capture page ... (and absolutely killing it with sales!)
  • How I realized I could charge $97 for a $37 product and sell the exact same number of items for way more cash! (You can do the same thing in minutes.)

Paid Traffic Secrets that Make Your Site a Predictable Profit Machine

  • How to put yourself in a position where you can outbid your competitors for every click while making double their profit!
  • The enormous difference between fixed-cost and performance-based traffic and how it affects your entire bidding strategy.
  • My secret to Google AdWords that lets me only bid on high performing keywords.
  • How to set up your banner ads so you get a stampede of people to your site to join your list and buy, buy, buy!
  • My Two Quick Shortcuts to building a highly-profitable campaign in blinding speed!
  • How you can NEVER DO SEO AGAIN and make even more money than the top ranking sites. (The trick is to leverage websites who are ranking already and profit off them instead of doing it yourself.)

Sales Page Techniques that Effortlessly Convert Viewers into Buyers

  • My 4 Conversion Steps to guaranteeing your customers click the “Buy Now” button without taking a moment to “think about it.”
  • How to turn your sales page presentation into a greased slide where the prospect easily and happily goes through every step of the payment process.
  • How to get amazing testimonials from customers before they have results.(You may think a customer needs real success before leaving a compelling testimonial, but the rules have changed!)
  • The truth about how important testimonials are to your sales. (Some products don’t need any and this will save you a lot of work if you don’t need them.)
  • How I structure my order form to turn buyers into super-buyerswho spend 2-3 times more than they expected to.
  • A sly trick you can do with a yellow checkbox on your order form that will add 20% more to your revenue right away.
  • How to double or triple your conversion rate just by adding a 10-minute timer to a one-time-offer page. (There are a lot of fake timers out there so do it the way I show you or it won’t be believable.)
  • The three ways that prospects find an excuse not to buy from you and how you make sure they feel comfortable enough to whip out their credit cards.
  • How to bypass a prospect’s emotional system and get them to buy your product, even if they’re terrified of spending that amount of money!

Email Marketing Tactics to Print Money on Demand

  • Why you’re better off modeling Howard Stern for your email marketing than any “big guru” alive.
  • How to make sure you never run out of things to say in your email marketing. (Even if you email every day.)
  • How to express your personality so your list falls in love with you. (You can be the most boring person on earth but with a few tweaks, your list will hang on your every word.)
  • Email blast secrets to get thousands of fans to your website each day.
  • How I make loads of money off my badly written emails with awful grammar. (If you can write better than a 8th grader, you’ll probably do better than me at this.)
  • question you can ask every day to stimulate email creativity so you always have a sale-grabbing email to send.
  • The two times of day to send emails where you’ll get the most clicks and sales.
  • Why looking at your open rates and click-through rates will murder your email marketing. (Once you hear my story, you may never test email headlines again.)
  • How to use your testimonials in your emails so other customers sell for you. (This can be very slick and invisible if you do it right.)

Solo Ads–The Most Hidden (and Profitable) Traffic Method in Existence

  • Why solo ads are the internet’s best-kept secret for getting easy sales and scaling your business to the million-dollar mark.
  • 5 steps to creating a highly profitable Solo Ad campaignthat makes you more money each and every month.
  • How to flood your sales webinar with excited viewers from your solo ads.
  • The exact email conversation I have with EVERY list owner I buy solo ads from. This will get you deals with the biggest lists and get you the most inexpensive rates imaginable.
  • How to knock 20% off your solo ad cost with one sentence you can email the list owner.
  • My formula for constructing a solo ad that gets you the maximum number of clicks AND signups.
  • How to “field test” your ads weeks in advance so you’re sure to get customers before you put any money down.
  • Fill-in-the-blank subject lines and copy you can use in your solo ads to get you more sales than you ever thought was possible.
  • How to buy solo ads from publishers that don’t even know what “solo ads” are! (I’ll tell you exactly what to say so it’s super-easy.)
  • Why making your solo ads shorter and less descriptive will make you much more money AND save a lot of your time!
  • How long you should wait before deciding if an ad is a winner or loser. (I guarantee this is not what you expect!)
  • Why “breaking even” is B.S. and why some of your best ads may lose money at first.

My Stash of Wealth-Growing Resources

  • Over 50 of most powerful resources to make you a success in every area of your life.
  • A book that will skyrocket your problem-solving intelligence and cut your learning time in half.
  • My 4-Part “Story Telling through Email” Webinar Series that will turn your auto-responder into a cash-machine you love working on.
  • My sales page formula and template that will get you conversions and profits nearly overnight … even if you have no experience at copywriting or selling.
  • Every resource I use for survey creation, web hosting, email marketing, split testing, creating shopping carts, and more!
  • The #1 free tool on the internet for making money. You CANNOT go wrong with this one and I’m still amazed they don’t make you pay for it (yet.)
  • My secret list of websites, email lists, and marketing firms to buy profitable ad space from.
  • The small list of teachers that have modeled myself after. (And how you can learn from them too without ever buying another course.)

Does this sound like a lot? Well, the plan is for Matt and me to give you everything you need to put your business on steroids and put you on the fast track to wealth. We’re leaving no stone unturned and I can’t wait to hear about your own success with the methods we give you.

Now back to Matt …

–Daegan Smith

Thanks, Daegan.

By now you may be realizing that this is one of the most complete and effective courses ever created on internet marketing by people who have actually been in the trenches and succeeded. 

You’re getting real-world examples for everything and full action steps to make sure you know exactly what to do to get the same results Daegan and I are getting.

You can watch this program as many times as you want, take notes, implement the material, and then watch again to get new insights on how to make your business even better.

You will not outgrow this course until you’re well into the seven figures.

So I think you’d agree the price of a full-out action plan for a non-stop profit building business is really priceless.

Selling this course at $10,000 would be a steal.

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150% Money Back Guarantee
Yes, I’ll Pay You Extra If You Don’t Succeed

One of the reasons I rose up so fast in this industry is because I was never afraid to put my money where my mouth is.

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There are two reasons I’m able to get away with making a guarantee as unbelievable of this.

First of all, I know this program works, so I have full confidence you will be making money if you simply follow the instructions.

Secondly, I have a couple rules in place to make sure you do at least some work on your business before deciding if Online Income Revolution is everything I say it is.

Here are the rules:

  • Go through the entire course. (The original event was filmed over a weekend so you should easily be able to finish it in a week or two.)
  • Pick at least three of the twelve Income Revolution steps I share with you in the program. Implement some action steps from those sections and take a couple screenshots of your progress along the way.
  • If at the end of 90 days, you don’t feel you are well on your way to making way more money than you imagined, then go to and file a ticket. My staff will respond to you immediately and process you a full refund and then send you $500 through PayPal.

My business manager told me, “Matt, this is insane! At least make them do the full twelve Income Revolution steps before offering a refund.”

I told him the same thing I’m telling you. Once you start implementing even the tiniest bit of this program, your returns will be so great that you’ll have no choice but to keep going and take advantage of the full masterpiece.

After all, a quick $500 or even $5,000 profit is chump change compared to what you’ll get from putting a thriving business like this together.

And just to make it easier for you … I have.

4 Bonuses To Transform Your Business And Skyrocket Your Income



Bonus #1: How To Win Big Money Affiliate Contests With Even A Tiny List

  • How to get at the top of the contest leaderboard and set yourself up as an authority in your industry.
  • All the methods to winning iPads, Kindle Fires, luxury cars, and vacation trips … even if you are unknown at this point.
  • How to sneak past competitors with incredibly large 100,000+ person lists by using the one resource they don’t have!
  • Use affiliate contests as a way to get in good with the guru and have him mail for your products.

Bonus #2: How To Sell $3,000+ High Ticket Items To Double Your Business Profits

  • The Diamond Ring Salesman’s guide to emotionally compelling your prospect to buy your most expensive item and thank you for the opportunity
  • Get your potential customer flooded with urgency and passion so he has no choice but to buy your product or coaching program.
  • The #1 mistake almost every business owner (including you) makes that could instantly cripple your chance of making any money off high-priced programs.
  • How to make a sales conversation soft and gentle so your prospect buys without it even feeling like a sales call.

Bonus #3: Run Your Own Coaching Program For Quick Financial Gain

  • Why coaching is the easiest business for making money right away, without needing to build a list or even create a product.
  • The secret to getting word of mouth referrals that keep you packed with customers who want to pay thousands for your time.
  • Retention Secrets: Keep your clients motivated so they come back every month for more.
  • How to make sure you have time for your other business activities and don’t get overwhelmed by serving students.

Bonus #4: How To Build A Sales Team That Closes High-Ticket Deals For You

  • Where to find the most talented, motivated salespeople who will sell your high-end products as if they’re the best things on earth.
  • How to get the best salespeople to agree to commission only so they never get paid until you get paid.
  • The keys to keeping your sales people motivated beyond money to keep selling your services and making you very rich.
  • How to get your salespeople enough leads so they stay satisfied and are constantly calling prospects to bring you more profit.

That’s 4 bonuses that will absolutely guarantee your success with your online marketing business, whether you’re a raw rookie or seasoned professional.

I can’t give you a deal better than this because I’m not sure I even want a customer who won’t invest the bare minimum in their success.

Also, this product is based on a temporary partnership I have with Daegan Smith.  We’re having a blast working together, but if for some reason, Daegan wants his material back for his own use, I’ll have no choice but to take this website down altogether.

Because of this fact, I urge you to register for Online Income Revolution while it’s still available and not wait a second longer. Your investment is guaranteed by 150%(!!) so it’s me who has something to lose here, not you.

Thanks and I’ll see you on the other side.


YES! I am inspired by Matt Lloyd’s quick rise to success and I want to get in on the most powerful internet marketing course available, the Online Income Revolution.

  • I understand I get 12 sessions of video training with Matt Lloyd and 7 video sessions with Daegan Smith (Totaling over 20 hours of learning) revealing the tried-and-true path both of them took to become multi-millionaires online and how I can do the same thing myself.
  • I understand there is a 150% money-back guarantee, meaning that as long as I implement three or more Income Revolution steps from the course, I am eligible for my $997 back plus an additional $500 refunded to me through PayPal by filing a ticket with: Mobe Back-Office Support.
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Bonus #1: Winning Affiliate Contests
Bonus #2: Selling High-Ticket Items
Bonus #3: Running a Coaching Program
Bonus #4: Building an Expert Sales Team

  • I understand some or all of these bonuses may disappear over time and the price will not go down.
  • I will take advantage of the MOBE Facebook group and get answers to my questions and learn from other Online Income Revolution owners who are quickly hitting their financial and lifestyle goals.
  • I am absolutely serious about my success as an online marketer and will do the work to achieve massive income with my internet business.